Youngstown CPR Training, Workplace Safety Consulting and Work Safety Training
Youngstown CPR Training, Workplace Safety Consulting and Work Safety Training
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Heroic Safety Solutions

CPR Training, Workplace Safety Consulting and Work Safety Training

Business founded in 2009
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Located in Uniontown servicing Akron, Columbus, Youngstown

About Us

Heroic Safety Solutions was founded in Akron, Ohio, on the principles of personalized safety trainings and assessments provided by professional safety forces personnel who have dedicated their lives to ensuring the safety of the communities in which they serve.

From coast to coast, American communities are protected by local heroes who all have specialized expertise in many aspects of safety. Our safety trainers are all professional firefighters, paramedics, and police officers that have extensive experience and credentials in all areas of workplace and domestic safety.


Experienced on-site safety services

Heroic Safety Solutions, LLC would like to welcome you to their web site. Heroic is dedicated to the optimization of workplace safety by providing clients with quality, personalized, affordable, onsite safety trainings and consulting services. All of Heroic's safety consultants are professional safety forces personnel.

Our trainers have spent their careers in firefighting, emergency medical services, and law enforcement acquiring valuable experience and education in the fields of safety training and hazard recognition and abatement. Visit our services page for a comprehensive list of trainings and services offered by Heroic Safety Solutions.

Why choose Heroic?

Heroic safety consultants are unique because these hard working heroes have devoted their lives to the safety of others. Safety in your workplace is our first priority. We have spent our lives building strong reputations and trust in our communities with our compassion, understanding, and willingness to sacrifice in order to ensure the safety of our fellow citizens.

We guarantee our clients that same ideal in the workplace. Our clients find our consultants and trainers trustworthy and easy to relate to. Employees enjoy our trainings and learn to appreciate safety standards because our trainers use their emergency experiences with real life workplace accidents to reinforce the need for occupational safety standards.

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