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Heroic Safety Solutions was founded in Akron, Ohio, on the principles of personalized safety trainings and assessments provided by professional safety forces personnel who have dedicated their lives to ensuring the safety of the communities in which they serve.

From coast to coast, American communities are protected by local heroes who all have specialized expertise in many aspects of safety. Our safety trainers are all professional firefighters, paramedics, and police officers that have extensive experience and credentials in all areas of workplace and domestic safety.

Heroic trainers have been on the front lines of workplace hazards and accidents for years. They know the risks of unsafe workplace practices and they have dealt with the devastating effects of workplace tragedies.

Our trainers are hard working Americans just like our clients, and use their reputations and valuable life experiences in the field of safety to reach managers and employees on a personal level.

Our citizens trust our dedication, courage, and reliability to protect their lives. Now, American companies trust us to protect their businesses and employees with quality safety trainings and consulting services.

Heroic Safety Solutions was founded and conceptualized by company president, Daniel DeLuca BA, EMT-P. Dan graduated from Bowling Green State University where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Policy and Analysis, with an area of emphasis in Safety and Hazardous Materials.

Dan has been a professional firefighter and paramedic with the City of Akron Fire Department in Akron, Ohio, since April, 2000. Since graduation from college, Dan has acquired many safety certifications and worked as a safety consultant for a private consulting firm.

His certifications cover a wide range of safety related topics such as OSHA Outreach, Fire Safety Inspection, DRUG-Free Workplace, CPR/First Aid, and Hazwoper.

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